Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh, Ian...

Last night, Ian had a hard time falling asleep because he ended up napping in the car and on the couch after running errands yesterday. He wasn't cranky, just wound up. So I told him he could read some stories in bed for a while.

That turned into reading in his rocking chair. Which turned into coming into our room several times to show us things he found in his room, to tell us things, and to ask questions.

Finally, we were very firm about how he needed to stay in his room and read quietly and help his body relax and go to sleep. He padded back into his room.

5 minutes later, there is a cry for help. Followed by, "I peepeed in my bed!"


He is standing on his bed, wide awake, legs soaking wet, with a puddle forming under him...seeping through every piece of bedlinen possible. Comforter, blanket, both sheets, mattress pad.

He says he forgot where the toilet was. He said it was an emergency. Uh huh.

Then he told us with a smile that he put his BlueDogs on the rocking chair and his Bronco pillow on the floor so that they wouldn't get pee on them!!!! Crafty, yes. Secretive, no.

I asked him if he moved his pillow and dogs because he knew he was going to wet the bed on purpose so he could have a shower. He looked me in the eyes, and said, "Yeah." I love how honest kids are.

We baby wiped him down, decided to put him on Craigslist in the morning, changed the bed, and gave him new pajama pants. Then we didn't hear from him until the sun came up.

Oh, Eenie...*sigh*


Cate said...

Oh my. That's funny.

Mandi said...

That's a great story to tell the first girlfriend he brings home. :)