Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day Three

It's the close of the 3rd day Bryan has been out of town. The house is really quiet. The boys' bedtimes have been progressively getting earlier.

He's celebrating his little brother's 30th birthday down in FL. It was a really awesome idea for my sister in law to get all 4 of the brothers together to surprise him. I hope he's really REALLY enjoying all the guy time, because I'm lonely here!! Totally looking forward to his homecoming on Monday.

It's not that bad, really- it's not like I can't do it by myself- but just having another adult in the house in the evening really breaks up the monotony of it all. Not to mention I kind of like my hubby, and look forward to spending time with him. And the boys miss him, too. Ian told him on the phone today, "Can you come home now because I really want to play with you!" Awww :)

And of course, it can't all go smoothly while he's away. Friday I spent a little time at the hospital for a possible blood clot in my leg. The tech couldn't find anything, but I know something is there. The Dr put me on thinners anyway, and I actually am starting to feel kind of normal again. Thanks to my awesome neighbors who kept all my kids for me while I checked out my veins!

Tonight Gaga and Papa took Ian for a sleepover...his first real one. He's spent part of the night over at the Gallers' house a couple times, but this will be the first time that he's voluntarily spent a night without me away from our house (Gaga and Papa stayed here while we went to Las Vegas earlier this year).

I guess it just feels weird having only one kid around here. And knowing that I'm perfectly capable of having him here, but he's choosing not to. I don't know. It's a strange feeling.

With Ian and Bryan gone, I feel a little empty.

Guess I'll go to bed with my heating pad and my book. Not that I don't enjoy an evening in bed with nothing else to do...I'm just not USED to it.


gaga said...

Talk about not being used to it! We got used to a quiet cup of coffee and the newspaper Sunday morning! Ian ran from "balloon basketball" to "throw Blue dog onto the ceiling fan" to "Watch me...(fill in the blank!)...". Papa left to work on the lot already....hmmmmm.

(really, we enjoy having him, and glad he is happy without his Mommy for the first time at Gaga's!)

gaga said...

P.S. my code word was "novena". Please say one for me...!