Sunday, January 29, 2012

New House!

Well, after a couple of bids, some counteroffers and a lot of shopping with our lovely, lovely realtor, Dee...we have an approval from the bank on a home!  We will close within 45 days...yes, read: OMG I have to pack up our house and we are actually moving inside of 2 months now.  Holy. Crap.

So we ended up with a really great space- a home on a culdesac, with a fenced in yard, a shed, and an enclosed porch.  It has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths...but we'll use the downstairs bedroom for a playroom/guest room, and Ian and Gavin will be introduced to the wonderful world of sharing a room.  They've been so cute having "sleepovers" in Gavin's room on the past few weekends, that I think making the transition to sharing a room all the time won't be that difficult.

We have some work to do- new flooring, pouring a slab in the enclosed patio, and lots and lots of painting...but hopefully we'll be able to bang that all out pretty quickly and start using the busing system for the school that the older boys are in now.  That will make afternoons a LOT less hectic for the babysitter.

Speaking of which, our wonderful Mary Poppins nanny is not going to be taking care of the boys anymore.  There were some health issues that she was concerned about, so she is going to step back and be our "back up" for emergencies.  BUT- with every door closed, another one opens...and my awesome friend Kristin (through the DSAC) will be stepping in to be our new after school nanny.  I could NOT be happier- she's completely amazing, and one of my best friends, AND her kids are already friends with mine.  And did I mention that she took the boys to My Gym for us while we were in Ukraine?  She knows the chaos that is our family and is willingly stepping into it on a regular basis.  Answered prayers, I tell you.

So, yeah.  Never a dull moment.

Anyone want to rent our house in Monroe?  We have great neighbors...! :(


Holly said...

Awesome about the house! And if we were closer, I'd totally rent it! It looks amazing :D

Cate said...

holy moly! you never have a dull moment, do you?

I want to see pix of the inside!

Kristin said...

So jealous.

Tiffanyrose said...

We will have HAD great neighbors :(

LeShayne said...

Congratulations! We are excited for you! Though I do not envy you the moving process at all.