Sunday, January 15, 2012

365- kind of 15, but I took this yesterday.

It's a three day weekend, which I love.  Weekends aren't long enough.  Ever.

Bryan and Gavin have been sick- Gavin bounced back fast, but Bryan has been hit kind of hard.  He's spent the last couple mornings getting some extra sleep...which brings me to one of my favorite times of the day:  breakfast.

The past few mornings have been SO nice...all the kids have been happy, helpful, and wanting to participate in making breakfast.  That sounds like a fairy-tale, I know. But seriously, I think that the mornings are their absolute best times.  They are all just happy to be awake and home-- I love that.

We've made oatmeal and a couple different kinds of muffins.  They gather all their chairs around the kitchen island to "help", sometimes I have to rearrange everyone so that I can get in there, too.  Gavin tends to dump the dry ingredients the wrong way, which results in a snow-covered counter most of the time.  Zeke loves to pour things in, and Chase and Ian are partial to licking the bowl.

Zeke and Gavin almost always wait by the oven to watch their creations as they bake (hats are only a fashion statement.  We DO have the heat on!).

It's a happy time.  If I have to be up before 6am, this is the way to do it.
(*sidenote, I've been better about loading my coffee pot before I go to bed at night.  It makes mornings a bazillion times easier!)

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