Friday, March 19, 2010


I have been super excited for Chase to start preschool. The momentum is building, and I know how much he loves his little part-time preschool, and how much he learns from watching other kids and participating in the class activities.

Once, I kid you not, the teachers told me that "Chase is their best listener." Seriously. My Chase. I know, because I asked them, "My Chase?!" And they said yes.

Anyhoo. We had his evaluation and intake meeting this week, and I really had good feelings about the school and the therapists that we met. They said that the teacher would call us to set up a classroom visit shortly.

So, I got a message yesterday afternoon from the teacher, we will call her Ms. T. She asked me to call back to set up a time. It was after school hours that I got the message yesterday, so I was going to call back today.

Well, at 9:30 this morning, she called me and we set up a time. She was a little abrupt on the phone, didn't know if Chase was a boy or a girl, and asked me his name twice. Whatever.

Then, the real fun started. After we ended the call, I put my phone down, and because it was my cell, I usually don't press END, because when the call is disconnected from the other side, it hangs up automatically. Except, it didn't hang up, because Ms. T didn't hang up her side. And I could hear the conversation on the other end.

It wasn't all that bad, really. She just told her assistant that the new child was going to visit on Monday, that he was an "EC kid" not a peer buddy, that she didn't know the kids were supposed to come visit before they started school, and that I sounded Caucasian (Ms. T sounds African-American, for the record). Oh, and that she left me several messages, but I never called her back.

I think what bothered me the most was the tone. It just kind of sounded like Chase was a burden on her, that the visit was a cramp in her day, and that by not calling her back this morning at 7am I was somehow the most unreliable, worst parent ever. And not to mention the fact that the big focus on what race we were apparently makes some kind of difference...?

Oy. I don't know. Maybe I am just freaking out at every little thing because, even though I am excited for Chase to be in preschool, I am also just a teensy bit worried that I don't know what goes on there all day long, I don't know that the teachers will love him for all of the Chase that he is, and I don't have any control over those things at this point. And to send my little, mostly nonverbal boy out there for 8 hours a day with people that I don't know (or trust right now) is WAY scary.


Anonymous said...

I am in shock and think you are in the right with your feelings. I felt that way when I went to Weddington Elem. EC to visit. Go with your gut, you want him in the best environment possible. Do you have the option for another school?

Anonymous said...

Previous comment is from Ashley

Mandi said...

I was going to say the same thing - go with your gut. If something as little as race is an issue with this woman, who knows what else will be? Can you request a different teacher?

Jennie said...

And EIGHT hours? Wow, that's a long day! When Micah starts "preschool" next January, he'll only go for 2.5 hours twice a week.

LeShayne said...

Well that sucks. I think I would mention it - her reaction when you go there might go a long way in resolving your feelings one way or the other. Being confrontational is one thing, being a concerned mother reporting what you heard is another. I do not think you are overreacting though - I would be very concerned too!

Kacey Bode said...

First of all, CHANGE teachers if at all possible!!!! Like you said nothing that the teacher said was horrible, however the tone etc is enough to warrant a move!!! Ella's first week of preschool did not go so well, her teacher seemed like she did not want Ella in her class, nothing she said just her attitude. When I would ask how she did the teacher would say, "well she's cute." I tried a whole week, thinking she was just busy etc but it didn't get any better. I was totally freaking out, trying to figure out how to afford some other preschool. Then I requested Ella to switch classes. Her current teachers and the aide in her class are FABULOUS!!! There are teachers who DO want to work with our kids, and do not just view them as extra work. I'm not one to make waves usually but I HAVE to feel very comfortable leaving my baby with someone, especially my non-verbal baby!!! Trust me!!!!!! Second of all, 8 hours? Wow. Ella goes 2 1/2 hours 4 days a week and she is pooped by the end of it! Good luck, trust your instincts!!!!

Angelle said...

Maybe at least give it the meeting to see how you feel then. But if that meeting doesn't alleviate ALL your concerns, request a change. There is absolutely NO reason for you to feel uneasy. So sorry to hear all that.