Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FL Vacation...? 2010

We took a quick trip to FL for a mini-reunion with all of Bryan's brothers and their families and his parents (yes, if you were counting, that is 19 of us) last weekend.

It was eventful.

Gavin pooped out of his diaper 4 times and went through all the clothes I packed for him in 10 hours. Ian threw up all over the back seat in the van. And that was just the trip down there.

It was a rough start, but surely it would get better after that, right? I mean, nowhere to go but up, yes?

Except that Sunday morning, Bryan woke up in excruciating pain in the wee hours of the morning. We consulted Dr. Google and all signs pointed to kidney stones. After a visit to the ER, a hundred dollar copay, and $70 of narcotics and anti-inflammatories, he had an official kidney stone diagnosis and permission to be miserable for the remainder of the trip as he waited to birth his very own baby. (Actually, he was a real trooper. And though he did spend lots of time doped up in the hotel room, when he was awake, he was helpful and even pleasant!)

Meanwhile, everyone else's families got a stomach bug, which, I don't THINK was ours to begin with, because Ian does get carsick and we had lots of stop-and-go traffic, but it could have been an unintentional gift from us. Who knows?

We ended the trip with a 13 hour drive back, complete with 3 hours of driving in the snow in the dark at the end.


It was very very very good to see everyone, though. And the kids had fun- you know, when they weren't puking. We will have to do this again. After we recover from this vacation. Pics to come soon.


Cate said...

I hate to say it, but I'm not sure I WANT to see your pictures from this trip.

Welcome back!

mom said...

About the stomach bug....after I took Ian home last Sunday, and he was "carsick"??? I was sick with a stomach bug for 4 days and had to miss work! All sources point to IAN!!