Friday, March 5, 2010

Photos of the Maddex Reunion

Don't worry- no photos were taken of people active with the stomach bug. Or kidney stones.

These are in reverse order- Blogger apparently likes them this way.

The ride home. I love how Chase maxes and relaxes in the back of the van.
Chase reads, draws magnadoodle, and watches a movie all at the same time.
Mom and her boys. From left: Brett, Trent, Bryan, Todd. I don't know if they did this on purpose, but I like how they stood in birth order.
The brothers- no Mom.
Grama with all the grandkids- bottom row: Aislynn, Aedan, Tori, Gavin, Tristan, Ian
top row: Taylyn, Grama, Chase
Gavin wore his tie to the park.
Chase loved the slide- even more so when he knew that Bryan was at the bottom of it.
Proof that I was there. I heart my Moby Wrap.
Ian and Tristan were Best Buds. Ian even asked LeShayne if they would please move close to us so that they could play together more.
Todd did a great job on Chase duty.

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carydip said...

I LOVE the pictures!! I even made the one you took of me with my 4 boys my background. What a fantastic reunion-please, please let's do it again and not wait 10 years! Love you all so much~Mom