Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Shopping

I am getting my birthday shopping on for Chase's upcoming THIRD birthday.  I know I definitely want to get him his own little broom and mop set (I know.  Woo-hoo!  Aren't I the cruelest mom EVER?  But seriously, he loves to sweep and it is getting to the point where I can't get my broom out and even think about actually getting anything swept up off the floor; he likes to "help" so much.).

But I am also thinking about this Bilibo thing:

Has anyone bought one of these things yet?  Ian tried one out in the local "pricey cool toy store" and thought it was pretty fun.  I thought if Chase had one around the house, he might play around on it.  It looks like it would be good PT-skill building, core strengthening stuff.  I may have to order it from Amazon.

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Michelle Z said...

wow - that's super cool! If you pick one up for Chase, let me know how he likes it! Ru might need one for her birthday!