Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Paddy's Day Leprechaun Shenanigans

 What's really funny is that ten minutes after we discovered the chair piled with books and the footprints leading to the cookies...Gavin used it to climb up, get the tupperware, and help himself to a cookie for breakfast.
 Did they put anything in the freezer?
 A collection of random green items.
 A note (they picked all the green crayons out of the crayon box).
 Shamrocks on the window (although Ian asked why they didn't leave any 4-leaf clovers...?  He's getting very detail-oriented!)
 Green pee again!
 They must have stayed up really late blowing up an entire package of 15 balloons last night (*gasp, wheeze*).
 Foot prints in the green sugar leading to the box of cookies.
Ian's trap- propped open with his own shoes!!  They ate the cookie and left Eenie some gold.
 He HAD to have a St. Patrick's day shirt on-- he was VERY VERY concerned about the pinching that may go on at school today.
 Another failed trap.  They cut their way out of the bag AND ate the cookie.
 The third trap- cookie gone, we gather that they used that spoon to sweep the treat out without setting the trap off.
 Happy face left on the floor.
Guy with his 'gold' and his stolen cookie :)
Chase missed the fun- he slept in too late.  It's ok.  I sent him a green lunch.


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You are so creative!
I mean...the Leprechauns are!