Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not that I am complaining...(warning: graphic virus post)

It's really just a vent, of sorts, and maybe a record of what I have done for my kids so that I can use it as guilt leverage in 60 years when they are choosing my nursing home.

We've had some kind of gross virus going around our house since Thursday.  It has been mostly mild- Chase had a low fever for a couple days, and this morning Ian stayed home from school for the 2nd day (potty issues- how embarrassing would it be to NOT make it to the bathroom in time in Kindergarten??!).  We thought Chase was over it, but last night he woke up 3-4 times throughout the night and was still sleeping soundly this morning, so I kept him home, too.  Guy has been my chipper little healthy dude the whole time.

But this morning.  Oh.My.Goodness.

Chase was still sleeping when I opened his door to check on him and bonked him on the head- he was sleeping face down on the ground, head against the door, with all the lights on.  I closed the door and let him sleep.

Ian is mostly ok, and is content to sit near a bathroom and play Spiderman on the Wii.

Gavin woke up crying, and when I went to get him, that distinct whoosh of vomit smell filled the hallway as I opened his door.  Nasty, nasty, nasty- all over him- his jammies, sheets, blanket, pillow, Monkey, HAIR.  Oh, the hair.

I get him cleaned up and the bed stripped, and no sooner get him downstairs when I hear Chase upstairs crying.  So I go up to get him, and he has also exploded.  The other end.  And he's wearing footie pajamas.  Gah.

Shower, bath, clean diapers, clean clothes...BRAT diet for everyone.

...and now I am just waiting to see how badly I'll get it.  As much as I would value the quick weight-loss effect of a good stomach bug, I don't have time to get sick now.

Oh.  And there is a mystery smell coming from my fridge.  I cleaned out everything questionable.  Wonder what is hiding in there?
There are little tiny ants that keep sneaking into my kitchen and onto my counter tops.  I cannot figure out where they are coming from, and my dad sprayed toxic chemicals (the GOOD ones) all around the cabinets and outside the house.  Bah.

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Angelle said...

That is ROUGH! Hope this is the tail end of it for you guys!!