Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Much I Love Chase's New Class

Chase's lead teacher in his new 2 yr old class is Ms. Angie.  I love her.  And here is why:

Every Thursday is "Messy Thursday".  She told us to expect play doh, paint, etc, etc.  So I got to school a few minutes early today and went in to observe for a little bit, and the kids were finishing their messy project.  They were making bird feeders by smearing peanut butter on toilet paper tubes and sticking oatmeal and Chex mix on them.  All the kids were covered in peanut butter.  Chase had it in his hair.  Some kids were licking it off their paper tubes, like eating corn on the cob.  They were all disgustingly messy and happy.  It was awesome.

And it wasn't in my kitchen!  And although Chase still smells faintly like a sandwich and will definitely need a bath tonight, I don't have to do any clean up.  Sweet!

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Anne said...

Yes, that's exactly why I sent mine to preschool, I expected them to come home messy. Hope he has a great year!