Friday, June 22, 2012

A real honest-to-goodness post!

So, yeah. I'm still here.

 The working, the mom-ing, and the wife-ing...not to mention the moving, the unpacking, and the potty-training...well, it all leaves very little time to actually sit down and compose a string of coherent thoughts. Being a teacher is super nice this time of year, though, even though I don't really have a job to go back to in the fall...

 We're in full-swing summer here, though, and thankfully, the three littles are worn out enough with our crazy bucket list of summer activities that by 1pm they will all still take a nap.

 Yeah. Potty training. Chase is the last hold out. Truthfully, I'm about to lose my sh*t here. The house is covered in towels, wet and dry. There are little underwears scattered everywhere. Chase doesn't want to wear a diaper, a pull up, or the Buzz Lightyear unders I got for him, but he also does not particularly want to let loose on the potty, either.

 He WILL, however, sit on the potty and eat M&Ms all day long. Oh, and pee outside on the dirt. Or on the pile of rocks. I did catch him midstream today and run through the house, carrying him by the armpits, to sit him on the toilet for the last remaining squirts.

 We celebrated that one a LOT.

 It's all very glamorous here.

 Trying to balance the needs of one kid (who needs to be about 6 inches away from a potty all day long) and the rest of the kids (who need to be running around outside or at a water park somewhere) is really, really hard. I'm trying to do as many at-home special things that I can (water balloons and Popsicles this afternoon, marble races last week) and putting the PTing on pause every once in a while in order to hit Carowinds. I know that isn't the most consistent move I can make, but we all have to make some concessions here. (Ahem, Chase, you are not the center of the universe here, DUDE.)

 Anyway. I'd love your suggestions about potty training your child with Ds, mild sensory disorder, and basic stubborn-as-all-get-out attitude. Don't tell me about Cheerios, character underpants, rewards for every step of the potty process.

 I need something new. Like magic. If anyone has a magic potty wand, I'd pay good money for that right now. And it's only really day 2. *sigh*

That all sounds very negative.  I want to end by saying, "YAY SUMMER!  I really do enjoy being with my kids.  Just not the pee part."


Elizabeth said...

Well, my child is not a special needs kiddo, but with potty training...we just pee'd outside a lot. Hey! Let's pee on that tree! Let's pee on mommy's tires. It made it all very exciting. I figured if we could get him peeing somewhere besides his pants, then we'd work our way to the toilet. Good luck mama!

Cate said...

With both of my kids, it was a question of them being ready. No point in trying until then, with the stubborn streaks and all. And then they both trained pretty quickly.

For Abby, I pretty much relied on her preschool to lead the way. They were awesome. Her teacher did a social story - I can send you the text if you like, it worked really well. They used that, and scheduled trips, starting with every 20 minutes.

The only other thought I have for you is - what if he missed out on a fun outing? "Only boys who use the potty get to go to the waterpark" kind of thing. Of course that means you'd have to find a sitter, or stay home with him, but...I don't know, it was just a thought. rewards/consequences beyond M&Ms.