Thursday, June 28, 2012

Buddy Walk- Save the Date!

So, last year, with all the hullabaloo about Ukraine and whatnot (seriously- did we really DO that?!?)...we totally missed the Buddy Walk for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte.

Well, we had our reps there..the amazing Larsen family, who not only brought their ginormous family, but our kids, too (remember?).  But, it's not the same as actually being there, right?

It's all good, though.  Because it's time to start thinking about Buddy Walk 2012 already!

We will officially be walking this year as a family with 278 chromosomes (figure that one out!), so especially if you haven't had a chance to meet our newest Maddex, Zeke, please be sure to save the date- October 6th- and be a part of our team.  We walk to spread awareness of Down syndrome- to promote the opportunities available to a population who has had to fight for the right for the life that you live every day.

Saturday October 6th.  Freedom Park.  Fun for all, even if you only have 46 chromosomes.

More info to come about joining our team :)

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