Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chase 4 year well-check

Ht- 38 in (95th% Ds Chart)
Wt- 34.2 lbs (50-75th% Ds Chart)
BMI- 17

With as picky as he is about eating, I'm pleasantly surprised about his height and weight!  Yahoo!  He's still teeny, of course, but he's almost graduated to size 4 shorts (not pants, those things are ridiculously long!).

He's due for another check with the ENT about roto-rootering his ears out.  I should probably schedule that before Speech Garden starts this summer to make sure he can hear with the SLPs are saying, huh?

Anyhoo.  With all the behavior talk in the last post, I forgot to put all this in.  Way to grow, Chasey!!

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