Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Little Fish

Just a quick Ian update:

He is 5 days into his second round of swim lessons and he absolutely loves them. Loves, loves, loves. He's under the water, jumping in, picking up rings from the bottom of the pool (ok, he can put his face in and reach to the bottom of the small pool with his arm), and he kicks and uses his arms. He doesn't exactly swim yet, but it's starting to resemble a swimming-type of motion.

And a bonus:

Instead of putting Chase in the daycare today during lessons and schmoozing with Angelle while we watched the older kids, I went in my suit and swam laps in the big pool beside Ian's pool! I feel so invigorated (exhausted!). I must do this again. It is so much more fun (tolerable) than running (walking briskly with bursts of jogging every 3 minutes) on the treadmill.

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Cate said...

That's awesome! Both of you.