Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Now that Chase is actually crawling, like, hands and knees room-to-room crawling, he is into EVERYTHING. The diaper basket. The pantry. The bunny cage. The cat food. The magazine basket. Every single one of Ian's toys.

So I'm trying to teach Ian the art of gently taking the offending item away from Chase and replacing it with a more appropriate toy. I'm also trying to teach him not to scream and yank things away from him (which is apparently the way you do it in toddler-speak).

This morning Chase got his hands on a pair of Ian's sunglasses. I told Ian to go get take them away from Chase before he broke them. My exact words were, "Go tell Chase gently, 'No, no!'"

Ian walks over, takes the glasses, leans in and says, "Gently. No NO!"


Chris said...

Ah it is just the beginning. Before long Chase will be answering right back Ian, No, No, NO or YES, YES, YES.

Is "gently" with two boys (or girls for that matter) really possible?

Cate said...

Oh, this is horribly familiar. Except at our house, no reprimand is complete without a shove to the ground for emphasis.