Saturday, September 3, 2011

Again? Seriously??

Grama Here!   I've been working on getting the tent/gazebo back up for a week.  I finally had it 95% up and so Brandon from next door came over and pushed the poles all the way up-took him 5 minutes.  Thank You Brandon!
I already had Chase & Gavin in bed and about 20 minutes later I was upstairs reading Ian a book.  We heard some noise and looked out the window to see a dark cloud and the noise was distant thunder.  Ian said you better take the tent down so it's not a boat, err sail again and I agreed.  I went downstairs and saw the legs of the tent/gazebo up in the air out the back door.  I ran outside and it was heading for the other neighbor's house!!  I ran over to Tiffany/Brandon's house and pounded on their back door me!!  I ran back to the house and the tent/gazebo was now laying on it's side but back in our yard-hooray!  Brandon was running behind me and we noticed that the tarp was torn in the corner probably from the old satellite dish on the roof.  We got it all closed up and Brandon even put it back in the box.  He said this storm came out of nowhere!  At least the new frame didn't get damaged.  But the whole thing did take flight.  So now I have to sew/patch up the tarp. *sigh*
Told Ian about it this morning and he said," I don't think we should put it back up till Mom & Dad get back home.  No, we better wait till Danil gets used to us."  I tend to agree with him...seems like this tent/gazebo attracts freak wind storms, oh, and then it poured.  *sigh*

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